Customer Surveys Reinforce Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty tips lists are designed to help you develop customer loyalty and it’s no surprise that the one tip you will normally see somewhere on every list is to conduct customer surveys.


Studies have shown that loyal customers:

Purchase your products and services again and again over time

Increase the volume of their purchases

Buy beyond traditional purchases, across product lines

Refer your company’s products and services to others

Become immune to the pull of the competition

Give your company the benefit of the doubt when something goes wrong

Keep in mind:

It costs 7-10 times more to recruit a new customer than to keep an existing one

A gain in customer loyalty of only 5% can lift lifetime profits per customer by as much as 95%

An increase in loyalty of just 2% is, in some sectors, equivalent to a 10% cost reduction

Conducting regular surveys directly with your customers is the best way to hear from them what is needed by you to keep them coming back again and again. Their responses are what you need to hear.


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