Event Surveys

Marketers are always trying to squeeze just a little more value out of each event and yet there's one event marketing strategy that is often overlooked: online surveys.

  • Pre Event Surveys can help you gather suggestions for events such as preference for speakers or questions and issues that need to be addressed
  • Quick surveys on issues relating to the event topic or industry while the event is happening will help keep attendees involved and interested during the event and you can share the results before the event concludes
  • Post Event Surveys are useful to gain insight into what your attendees thought of the event including their impressions of the venue, the quality of the speakers, if the event met expectations and learn if respondents would attend again

By communicating with your audience and gathering feedback before, during, and after your event you can get valuable insight that will help make your current and future events successful.

SurveyRock can help you with:

  • Corporate Event Surveys
  • Event Registration Surveys
  • Pre Event Surveys
  • Post Event Surveys
  • Event Evaluation Surveys
  • Presentation Feedback Surveys
  • Meeting Evaluation Surveys
  • Meeting Planning Surveys
  • Seminar Evaluation Surveys
  • and moreā€¦

See our full list of sample survey templates that you can use to be up and running in seconds!