RTL (right-to-left) Language Support

In the English language we write (and read) from left-to-right but there are several languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Urdu that are written in the opposite direction, from right-to-left (or RTL). In addition to the approximately 300 million native speakers of Arabic (295 million) and Hebrew (5 million), there are ten major languages based on the Arabic alphabet, spoken by another 300 million people. In order to support them all, SurveyRock offers the ability to create surveys in RTL languages.

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RTL example survey in Arabic

Net Promoter Score (NPS) with an Online Survey

Net Promoter Score, or NPS for short, is a number that tells you how likely your customers are to recommend your product, service or company to a friend or colleague. All it takes is a simple survey question like the one below.

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NPS Net Promoter Score online survey question

SPSS & Surveys

After people take your survey, you’ll want to review what they have submitted in an organized manner so that you can create actionable next steps.

SurveyRock offers you several tools to analyze the results of surveys taken by your customers and clients. For additional advanced analysis we have long offered the ability to export your responses in the Excel or CSV file format. Now we’re pleased to let you know that you can now export your survey results data to the SPSS native file format (.sav).

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SPSS value labels of the rating scale question

See What’s New – We’ve Made Many Changes

Hey, welcome!

A lot has changed at SurveyRock lately and we wanted to give you a quick update. Now more than ever it is so important to stay in contact with your clients and customers and gather feedback. What better way than with a SurveyRock survey.

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Hi! Welcome Back

SurveyRock Online Survey Templates Save Time

At SurveyRock we know it can take time and experience to create a survey that will provide you with actionable data. With that in mind we provide survey templates to help save you time in your survey creation process and help you gather better feedback with your survey.

You can use our survey templates for the most common types of surveys and as always you have the ability to create you own survey.

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