Medical Research And Healthcare Surveys

Rising costs on everything from health insurance premiums to prescription drugs makes managing health and wellness decisions an issue of critical importance to most consumers. At the same time, consumers are taking more control over managing their personal health; 59% of American adults use online resources to obtain health and wellness information, and 36% of American adults actively search the internet to see what other consumers say about medication or treatment.

Healthcare professionals have two main perspectives from which they typically approach online surveys: collecting feedback to improve business operations or conducting medical/industry research. If you are conducting a survey on targeted health research or collecting health statistics you may need to use an online survey panel to reach the participants you need to interview. For more business-oriented surveys like a medical expenditures survey or to gather patient feedback you will typically be able to deploy the survey via an email to patients or post it on a web site or blog.

Concerns about patient privacy remain a big issue when creating a survey for those under the HIPAA law, including health plans and healthcare providers. To send a HIPAA compliant medical research survey follow these quick tips: set your survey results to private, conduct an anonymous survey using a hyperlink and don’t ask questions that could reveal a patient’s identity.

You can rely on SurveyRock for your medical research questionnaires. SurveyRock gives you the tools to quickly and easily create, deploy and analyze your medical research surveys whether you are sending a HIPAA compliance survey to different hospital departments or writing a health science survey for a course you teach. Whatever the specific purpose, medical research surveys are an easy way to gather the necessary feedback to make better informed decisions designed to help improve healthcare overall.

SurveyRock can help you with:

  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Diet and Exercise Surveys
  • Hospital Satisfaction Surveys
  • Pharmacy Satisfaction Surveys
  • Community Outreach Surveys
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