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SurveyRock Premium Survey Software now free for Students and Teachers

Surveys and polls have long been used in research as an efficient method of quickly gathering information from large audiences. With SurveyRock you can have your survey setup and a web link ready to distribute to your survey participants in just a few short minutes.

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We understand that students are often cash-challenged so we want to help you out. You can now get a Premium survey account for free!

Students and faculty can use surveys for academic research, opinion polls or just for gathering ideas for Spring Break. Online surveys offer numerous advantages to traditional paper-based surveys including lower costs, wider distribution, automated data entry and faster turnaround times.

Teachers, from grade school through college and university, can use SurveyRock for anonymous feedback, suggestions for improvement from students and/or parents or course evaluations, just to name a few examples. A well designed survey will let you gather almost any kind of information. To save you time, we have created the most common types of surveys as templates that you can easily add to your account and edit as you wish.

SurveyRock Premium Account Advantages

  • Support for multiple types of question - Surveys are definitely not the place where "one size fits all" applies. You need to be able to easily customize the most appropriate kind of question to get the response you're looking for. That's why we offer many different question types: multiple choice, single-line text, multiple-line text, numbers only, matrix and rating scale.
  • Survey logic - Sometimes you need to be able to branch out to different pages or questions depending on the answer the respondent gives you. For example, a research study might need to ask different questions based on gender or political affiliation. Depending on the answer given, survey logic can let you guide the user to the appropriate next page or perhaps simply straight to the end of the survey.
  • Real-time reporting - With SurveyRock, you can see the results of your survey as it happens RIGHT NOW.
  • Export results - We offer you some great tools for reviewing and analyzing your survey responses, but for extensive study you sometimes need additional assistance. All you need to do is export the individual survey responses to an excel or CSV spreadsheet. This raw data can then be used by all modern data analysis software.

These are just a few of the advantages of using a SurveyRock Premium account. For more information, please see our full feature list.

Get Your Free Student Premium Account Now!

IconI'm having an AMAZING time with SurveyRock right now!! As a student, they have made my work easier. It’s easy to access, easy to create and instructions to guide you along the way. I'm currently running two surveys using SurveyRock and it's working out great so far. I encountered an issue and Chris was more than willing to sort it out. Talk about EXCELLENT a matter of minutes. I'll be updating you folks about my service here with SurveyRock!! In the mean time..SurveyRock rocks!!!