Survey Tips

Below is a collection of brief tips and hints to help you improve your surveys or questionnaires.

Create a quick follow-up survey in advance to gather webinar or podcast feedback immediately upon event completion
A quick survey on how to handle difficult business situations can generate ideas to put directly into practice
Job application surveys are helpful with pre-screening, evaluating ability to follow directions, testing grammar and math skills...
Keep subject lines short (35 characters or less) to improve the open rate of your survey invitation email
A larger number of small incentives will bring a higher response rate than a smaller number of large incentives
When using multiple-choice answer options, remember to let survey participants know how many answers they can select
For employee surveys, a letter to respondents from the CEO will help communicate the importance of responding
Pre-test your survey with several respondents before deploying to find glitches and/or unexpected question interpretations
Monitor the live results as your survey progresses to spot any problems that didn't appear during testing
Survey questions should be short and simple, rarely exceeding 20 words
While surveys are designed to give you information, they can also have objectives to educate the respondents

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