How Do Market Surveys Help In Understanding Your Customers?

Market surveys are the most effective and frequently employed method to obtain market information for organizations. Surveys enable your business to understand your markets, clients, and customers. They also enable you to design and implement marketing strategies to not only retain your market name and share, but also to venture into new markets and even create your own market (by creating demand for your products and services).

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With the growth in social media and increasing globalization, you will be at the losing end if you do not update your organization with respect to the latest technological updates and changes. As more and more people are becoming tech-savvy, it is imperative for your organization to reach out to them on a personal level. This will enable you to understand them better and help gear up your organization to suit their needs.

Online market surveys provide you with an opportunity to get to know your customers better. Here is how online market surveys benefit you:

Know What They Want

Let’s say you are planning to supply frozen chickens, but your audience and customers are all vegans. What do you do now? Conducting online market surveys prior to product design and launch helps. It helps you identify your customers, and their preferences, beforehand. Your product, thus designed, will be better tailored to suit your customer needs.

Furthermore, most of your customers will be computer literate and would probably prefer answering online surveys rather than oral or printed ones.

Easy to Answer

Imagine sending a printed questionnaire to your customers, only to get it back unanswered. If you find this annoying, imagine how annoying it must be for your customer to take out a pen, answer your questions and write suggestions with their own hands! I mean, who does that anymore?? Think of how irritating it must sound when your questionnaire begins with “Have you ever used our product? If yes, then proceed to the next question.” And the customer replies with a “No, I haven’t!”

In today’s electronic world, these methods will never yield any positive results. Online surveys can be distributed to your customers, who can answer them at any time they deem convenient. They require simple “touch to select” options on their smartphones and keypad/keyboard type to answer written questions. This ensures that all questionnaires are returned filled in to give you in-depth knowledge of their wants and needs, without second-guessing.

Reduce Human Errors

Offline questionnaires are much more susceptible to human error. The answers recorded are dependent on the attentiveness and concentration span of the surveyor, limiting their credibility in determining customer and market trends.

Online market surveys post customer feedback directly to the software, without passing through a third party. This will allow direct communication between you and your customers. It will also assist you in seeking appropriate feedback directly, without bombarding your customers with papers and sheets.

To learn more about the benefits of online market surveys and how they help you understand your customers better, please visit our features page.


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