Advantages Of Customized Online Surveys

A survey is one of the best tools to get to know your customers and clients better. When deciding which product to launch, how to upgrade your existing product line, or whether your customers/clients/employees are satisfied with your organization, surveys should play an important role in answering all these and many more questions.

Conducting surveys can be a financially draining task. Without the proper resources, your surveys are likely to cost more than what they deliver. It is also probable that your survey forms are returned unanswered by the target audience, either because they do not appeal to them or because they do not understand your questions properly. The “human error” element is also present. This further reduces the reliability of your survey results.

Online survey providers, such as SurveyRock, understand the importance of surveys for your organization and the financial and technical constraints you face when designing and conducting surveys. Our customized and inexpensive techniques provide the best solution for all your survey needs.

Cut Down those Expenses

Designing any survey requires a thorough cost vs. benefit analysis beforehand. If you’re a small scale or a medium sized business, conducting a traditional paper-based survey can cost a lot and the benefits may still leave a lot to be desired. Think of all the printing, delivery, storage, and feedback analysis costs it requires. How will you finance such a huge and risky investment?

Online survey providers offer affordable packages to all its subscribers. You can create unlimited surveys every month with SurveyRock for free.

Choose Your Own Audience

Suppose that you’re designing an employee feedback form. Would you consider asking your operational and managerial employees the same questions? Do you think that they all possess the same level of knowledge, training, and experience? Designing a standard questionnaire for all will likely not yield  favorable results.

To design customized surveys with respect to your organizational hierarchy, we offer survey logic-equipped questionnaires with a wide range of audience-specific questions. A unique URL link is provided which can only be viewed and answered by the audience you want.

Design Any Survey You Want

Employee satisfaction, customer feedback, event management, and even non-profit activities etc. all require surveys for efficient results. If you’ve started an educational consultancy business, for example, you need to know what students and their parents know about high school education and college admission processes. Likewise, if you are a charity institution seeking donations, you need to gauge your donors’ opinions regarding charity as well as your organization in general.

Online market surveys let you design your own questionnaire for any purposes. At SurveyRock, you can design your own survey questionnaires and choose from a wide range of themes and colors to add on to your survey forms. Want to include images or videos?  Not a problem.  This attracts your audience and encourages them to complete the survey.


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