February 9, 2016

Online Survey Creation – SurveyRock Best Practices

SurveyRock wants to ensure your survey is as successful as it can be so we would like to recommend the following online survey creation best practices:

1. Keep the survey short and focused

Shorter surveys generally have higher response rates and lower abandonment among survey respondents

2. Make sure your survey flows in a logical order

Begin with broader-based questions and then move to those narrower in scope

3. Take advantage of SurveyRock’s Survey Logic feature

Survey Logic allows you to create custom paths that respondents follow depending on their response to a question

4. Ask the appropriate screening questions at the start of your survey in order to ensure you reach your target audience

This includes product category usage, age and/or gender. These questions should be mandatory. Set up survey logic to screen out respondents who do not meet your criteria. Any demographic questions that are not used to screen out respondents should be asked at the end of the survey

5. Use closed-ended questions whenever possible

Closed-ended questions give respondents specific choices. They can take the form of yes/no, multiple-choice or rating scale and are much easier for the respondent to answer and for you to analyze than open-ended questions. Review the SurveyRock Best Practices: Online Survey Question Types post for more information on survey question types

6. Keep rating scale questions consistent through the survey

Use the same number of points on the scale and make sure meanings of the scale’s high and low stay consistent throughout the survey. Switching your rating scales around will confuse respondents, and result in unreliable data

7. Randomize Multiple Choice Options

If you randomly re-arrange answers to multiple-choice (including matrix and rating-scale/likert) questions every time the question is accessed, you can avoid skewed results due to respondents always clicking the first choice

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