Market Research Through Quality Online Surveys

In any business, one of the worst idea you could implement is an untested idea. To test an idea, sound market research is essential. This will enable you to better understand your customers’ preferences, tastes, and demands.

Coming to terms with this truth is the easy part. Conducting market research, however, is a daunting task that is marred by financial and time constraints. You can either spend hundreds of dollars and conduct market surveys on your own, or hire a survey firm, like SurveyRock, to help you.

Save Time and Cost

With our basic (=free) and premium online surveys, your business can save up to $5,000 on email surveys and up to $15,000 on telephone marketing. Additionally, we provide unlimited online surveys to our clients, free of cost. This will also save you the time and hassle of employing a market research staff.

4 survey choicesGlobal Recognition

With our global operations network, you can now reach out to and understand the needs of customers in over 180 countries worldwide. Not only will this increase your market and customer base, it will help your business gain global recognition and assist in sales management strategies.  Global market surveys can also help you design appropriate marketing techniques for different segments.

Questions in All Forms Offered

For any business, customer and client feedback (through market surveys) is the most important tool to analyze product or service quality and any changes therein.

At SurveyRock, we provide our clients with a wide variety of question types; such as multi-choice questions, matrix tables and number-only questions. This will ensure detailed and structured feedback for your business. It will enable you to analyze your market in depth, without having the need to employ market analysts for that task.

Survey Logic

Your target market is more likely to respond to a survey that is specifically designed for them. This is the primary reason why people hesitate to respond to market survey questionnaires, as they are sometimes very general in nature and can sound more like a boring interview.

At SurveyRock, we provide you with the ability to design interactive “logical” survey questionnaires that redirect your customers to alternate pages, depending on their answers. This ensures that your questionnaires are not returned blank by your customers which saves you time and money. It will further encourage your customers to respond to your surveys, adding credibility to your business.

Reviewing Results

As a small- or medium-scale business, you cannot afford to invest heavily in market surveys and then sit and wait for the results in order to take a course of action. At SurveyRock, you can view your survey results as and when people are filling out your questionnaires. This will enable you to reduce your time-to-market provides you with immediate feedback which can be used for product improvement.

Feel free to contact us for any queries on how SurveyRock can help you with your market research needs.


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