Customer Experience Is Your Brand

Brand reputation is largely created through the combined experiences and associations that customers have with your business.

Most customers, regardless of whether having had a positive or negative experience, will take the time to tell you about it. If their overall experience is great, they will want to take pleasure in letting you know about it; if their experiences left them frustrated, they will want to make you cringe when you read their comments.

A reputation for good customer service is something small and medium businesses should not jeopardize. Online surveys are an affordable market research tool that SMB’s can utilize to let customers tell you what your business is and isn’t.

Successful small and medium business owners regularly show that they understand the value of customers with impeccable service and the ability to retain customers by treating them with care. The importance of customer service is also seen as a reason for why female small business owners tend to be more successful than men. Simply put, they’re better at building relationships with other women business owners, they support one another more and they’re focused on their customers and meeting their needs. All of this allows them to build stronger relationships both online and off.

Social Media is an additional way for small businesses to show off their customer-centric focus, take advantage of a targeted way to market their business online and offers the opportunity for everyone to give their feedback. Posting a short survey on your social profiles every few days can help keep visitors coming back and grow your customers while providing you with insights into your audience.

SurveyRock makes it easy for you to create your business surveys in order to monitor and build your brand. Once you have completed your research consider sharing your survey results on your website and social profiles to highlight compelling statistics, creating a blog post around the survey results to share insights and engage customers, as well as distribute a Press Release of your findings.


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