Enterprise Account Plan – Customization and Personalization

For the past several months we have received a lot of requests for some additional features, largely from our corporate clients. We looked at different ways of combining these features into one or more of our existing account plans but in the end we decided it was best to package them into a brand new plan.

We are excited to now offer you our Enterprise plan in addition to our Premium, Business and Basic (free) plans! As the name implies, it is targeted towards our business users but the price is low enough that it should be attractive to power users as well.

The focus of the features that you get with the Enterprise plan is on personalization and customization. Make your survey look exactly how you want it to look through custom CSS. CSS is a simple design language that all websites use to describe the look and feel of their site. By adding in your own CSS code, you can now change the look of anything (or everything) in your survey.

White Label

The term whitelabel (or white label or white-label) is used to describe a product or service made by one company but branded to look like it was made by another company. Our Enterprise plan can provide you with several different ways to achieve this. One option is through custom CSS as described above.

Remove “Powered by” Footer

Another option to white label your survey is by removing the “Powered by SurveyRock” footer normally shown on every survey page as well as the final thank you page.

Enterprise plan feature.  Image on the left is the normal view with the powered by SurveyRock text.  Image on the right is without.
Left is the normal view, on the right is without the branding

Survey Completion Redirect

Sometimes it’s helpful for the person taking your survey to return to your company’s website, or an entirely different page, after they have completed the survey. That feature (Survey completion redirect) is now also available on the Enterprise plan.

HIPAA/PHI (Protected Health Information)

Our Enterprise plan accounts can be made HIPAA capable. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. When your account has been enabled for HIPAA, you can be sure that your medical data is protected and safe!


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