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If you are looking for a website that creates the finest online surveys available, you have just found the right place. The SurveyRock provider for online surveys is a worldwide site that has users residing in 180 nations across the planet. The survey providers have constructed a service that enables clients to use any desired language to give them a better perspective on creating their own surveys.

Remarkably, there are surveys available here that operate in multiple languages such as Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Serbian, Bosnian, Mongolian, Slovakian, Albanian and several more. All you need to do is input the survey in your very own language and then watch the magic unfold.

SurveyRock offers its users every conceivable type of question that will be required for an online survey since questions are always at the heart of any survey. There are such question types as rating scales, text, multiple choice, numbers exclusively and a matrix of questions as well. The choice of having questions as optional or mandatory is left entirely up to the survey creator.

If you want participants of your survey to carry on to another page or to launch an inquiry that is dependent upon their answers, you will need to use survey logic within your set of questions.

As an illustration, let’s suppose that the survey you have created is about motorcycles. The very first question on your survey should be one of the multiple choice types that asks: “Do you own a motorcycle?” (Yes/No). If the survey participant answers “Yes” then you can enable the participant to proceed onto the next page of the survey without any interruption to the flow. If the participant answered “No” to the question, then he/she should be directed to the last portion of the survey where it offers them gratitude for spending time on your survey. For such an example, as was just indicated, SurveyRock provides what is known as QuestionPath and PagePath that will aid the survey creator in carrying out this function.

Question Path

After the creator has gone through the real core of the survey process, they are then in a position to unveil their survey to whoever they desire. It won’t be difficult to complete the process of creating the survey by creating a hyperlink to the survey. The link for the survey can then be distributed to customers and clients through various channels such as social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook or even via email. There is also the alternative of providing a date for starting and ending your survey. You can also decide to  limit the number of people who can take part in your survey.

After your survey has been sent out and participants get busy filling it out, if you are interested in reviewing the results immediately, you will not have to wait. There is a reporting page you can go to and observe the current results of your survey. However, it might not be enough for you to just look at survey overviews. You may also desire to see what precise answers have been given by the respondents. For its users, SurveyRock offers a Premium Plan that will permit them to personally view each and every participant’s response on the screen or through exported outcomes placed on CSV spreadsheets, Excel or SPSS.

SurveyRock also enables its users to be specifically involved with analyzing and filtering survey results, creating personalized survey theme backgrounds and logos. As a privileged user, you also have the option to export single pages or the entire survey over to PDF format. Additionally, there are solutions that permit the user to clone and slightly tweak their surveys in order to put them out to different target clients and customers.

The entire process of creating surveys through SurveyRock is enjoyable and easy to use through the use of online guides that provide step-by-step instructions for making it a winner among online survey sites. Assistance is also available via email. Inquiries from paying SurveyRock clients will always be first on the list.


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