January 22, 2016

Online Survey Question Types – SurveyRock Best Practices

SurveyRock offers many different survey question types for use on surveys. Below are some best practices associated with various online survey question types.

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December 23, 2015

The Differences Between Polls And Surveys

At SurveyRock, all account holders can now create a poll and embed it on their website or blog making it easy to collect and share general feedback.

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December 17, 2015

SurveyRock Online Survey Deployment

SurveyRock offers you a couple of online survey deployment options that are not mutually exclusive, so you can use more than one distribution option for a single survey. After the initial launch, you can always make the survey available to additional respondents regardless of the option you chose initially. Continue reading this post…

December 2, 2015

Online Surveys As Part Of Your Event Marketing Strategy

Marketers are always trying to squeeze just a little more value out of each event and yet there’s one event marketing strategy that is often overlooked: online surveys. Continue reading this post…

November 18, 2015

Does Timing Influence Survey Results?

With the growth of internet research and its promise to deliver speed, it is often debated among market researchers if time of response and reduced field times result in biased data. Continue reading this post…