Moving Survey Pages and Page Elements

It happens to the best of us.  You’ve just finished creating a masterpiece of a survey.  Every question is carefully crafted to help the user understand what you’re looking for and short enough to keep them from moving on.  But then you realize that question 4 would really make more sense after question 7.  What do you do now???  No worries!  That’s why we have the “Sort Page Elements” function.  This lets you change the order of any or all elements of a page or even change the order of entire pages.  To see a detailed tutorial, please go to our support page.

In brief, you simply click on the Page Action menu of the survey Edit page and then click on “Sort Page Elements”.  A page pops up with all of the page elements.  To reorder the pages, just click on the “Pages” button.  Then you move the element around and click “Save” when you’re done.  The page now reloads and everything is in it’s proper place.

Sort elements and pages


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