Why SurveyRock For Your Online Survey Needs?

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Have you ever thought about the steps that need to be taken to expand your business?

Do you want to understand your customers and clients better?

Want to know what they want from your business and what they expect?

At SurveyRock, we provide simple and effective solutions to all your survey needs.  Here are a few reasons why.

Reliable and Customized Market Surveys

SurveyRock provides its users with the ability to create multipurpose questionnaires that help your business expand and compete in the marketplace. We provide you with an opportunity to:

  • Design surveys with questions in any international language; expanding your market base.
  • Choose from a wide range of questioning styles to ensure appropriate feedback.
  • Create unlimited number of survey designs; to be able to customize your content and match your company branding.
  • Understand and know your customers better; to devise effective marketing techniques and sales management strategies.
  • Save up on all unnecessary printing, delivery, and compilation costs.
  • Save up on the costs of hiring additional staff for market survey analysis.

Create Your Own Theme

As human beings, we typically only respond to something that is of interest to us, i.e. something that appears beautiful or looks appealing to our eyes.

As a business, your customers are more likely to respond to survey questionnaires that are colorful, have a good design, presentation, and theme.  It is also helpful from a marketing perspective to show a consistent design or branding to your (potential) customers.

Survey questionnaires provided by SurveyRock come in predefined theme options (for basic users) and customized theme options (for premium users). This will ensure that your target audience will respond to your survey questionnaires and not dismiss it as “just another questionnaire”.

View Individual Results

Your survey results are comprised of an overall market response summary and individual responses. Analyzing individual responses is imperative for your business. “The devil is in the details” as they say.  They determine the individual factors (such as lifestyle, fashion, hobbies etc.) or simply specific answers that influence your customer/client’s response, rather than the overall macroeconomic factors that govern the general market conditions.

SurveyRock premium package provides a break-up of the overall response summary into that of individuals. This will allow you to make your product more customer-focused, determine micro-economic demand factors (for pricing decisions) and devise individual customer incentives and preferences for purchase.

Create Your Own Target Audience

You might not want your questionnaire to be for the general public. Several small-scale businesses want local or district market feedback first. Your business may have developed a prototype for testing or you want to establish a home based industry first before moving on to an international audience.

SurveyRock respects your privacy and need for targeted responses. We offer you a unique link to your own survey questionnaire, which you can distribute to your own specific audience, selected individuals, or just post it on your Facebook or Twitter account for a more general response.

For more information, feel free to check out the features section on our website.


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