Unlocking Insights: How Online Surveys Benefit Consumers

Introduction: Ready to Dive into the Minds of Consumers?

Ahoy, curious minds! Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the enigmatic minds of consumers? Imagine having a magic key that unlocks the vault of their thoughts, preferences, and desires. Well, put on your explorers’ hats and grab your magnifying glasses because online surveys are that key. In this whimsical voyage, we’ll navigate through the witty world of how online surveys benefit consumers, and why they’re like a compass guiding businesses toward success.

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10 Cheeky Benefits of Conducting Online Surveys for B2B Organizations: Who Said Data Can’t Be Fun?

Introduction: Why Are We Even Talking About Surveys?

Surveys, surveys, surveys! No, we’re not setting up a new chant for your high school pep rally. We’re talking about one of the most underrated tools in your B2B marketing toolbox. If the word “survey” evokes images of tedious multiple-choice tests or endless forms, it’s time to pop that bubble and join the modern era.

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The Power of Data: How Online Surveys Can Transform Your Business

Introduction – Imagine holding a crystal ball that reveals the future of your business

A well-executed online survey is like the DNA test of your business—it gets under the surface, unlocking secrets that can elevate your operations, customer satisfaction, and profits to new heights. In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the untapped potential of online surveys. Whether you’re a small business or a towering enterprise, actionable tips backed by hard data and expert insights await you. Your business’s future starts here.

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Upload Survey Questions

We’ve made it very easy for you to create surveys by using our survey editor. However, some of you have told us that you prefer to create your surveys by writing down the questions first (physically or digitally). For all you, we are happy to announce that you can now upload survey questions to create a survey or add to an existing one.

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Create a Thank-You Page

Create a thank-you page to show your survey respondents after they submit their responses. This can consist of one or multiple text elements. In the example below we will combine the thank-you page with conditional text elements based on the respondent’s total score from multiple choice scoring. This feature is available on our Business and Enterprise account plans.

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Multiple Choice Weights & Scores

By adding weights to multiple choice question options, you can very easily create scored surveys, quizzes or polls.  For example, in question one the first option can be worth two points, the second option worth one point and the other options worth nothing. Or ask your quiz participants a simple yes/no question. “Yes” is worth 1 point and “No” worth 0 points. This feature is available on all paid account.

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Multilingual Survey & Additional Languages

Every user can choose the default language when they create a new survey or change an existing one. Our Enterprise account holders can now create multilingual surveys. That means that a single survey can have questions in multiple languages. When the respondent first clicks on the survey link, they can choose which language they want to take the survey in.

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Setting The Primary Survey Language

There are roughly 7,000 languages in use in the world today. Since the beginning of SurveyRock, it has been possible to create surveys in any language that you wanted to. Up until recently, however, you were only able to enter the survey questions and navigation buttons in different languages. Questions and choices are obviously the most important part of any survey but there were a few survey pieces that were only available in English until now.

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Custom Variables For Web Link Distributors

Custom variables are used in web link distributors to create unique links that can help you track each respondent or group of respondents. The variables can be viewed in reports and in data exports. For example, let’s say you’ve created an NPS survey to send to your company employees to gather feedback on how the company is doing. If you want to group the responses by employee category (marketing, sales, manufacturing, leadership), there are 3 ways you could do this.

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