Survey Filters: What They Are And Why You Need Them

Having too much data can sometimes be as big of a problem as not having enough data. By using filters with your survey data you can look at specific pieces of your data to spot patterns or actionable information.

  • Filtering is a quick and powerful way to segment your survey results
  • When you apply a filter, you see only the survey results that meet your filter criteria

Why filter?

The survey results overview displays the results for all completed surveys and provides a summary of your data. However, you may need to know how a specific group of your survey respondents answered your survey. Any time you need to dig deeper into your data to analyze a subset of your respondents, you can apply a filter.

What types of questions can filtering answer?

For customer satisfaction surveys, filters can help you find out:

  • Who are our biggest advocates? Who says they are very satisfied and likely to purchase from us again and would recommend us?
  • Why are they our biggest advocates? Why do they say they would recommend us?
  • Why do dissatisfied customers feel that way? How do they answer our open-ended questions?

For employee surveys, filters can help you find out:

  • How do employees in specific departments feel about our company?

For awareness and usage surveys, filters can help you find out:

  • What are the demographic characteristics of those who purchase my brand?
  • What are the demographic characteristics of those who purchase my competitors’ brands?

The filtering feature is available to SurveyRock Premium subscribers. If you have a SurveyRock Basic (free) account, learn more about the benefits of upgrading now.

To learn how to use SurveyRock filters, view our Filter Survey Results Tutorial

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