Students Welcome At SurveyRock!

Even though our all-inclusive,  everything including the kitchen sink, Premium account is only $15 a month, we realize that for many students that is a lot of money.  You could probably use that to buy lunch for a week (your moms would never forgive us).  It’s pretty much a universal truth that students are poor, so we want to help you out.

Any student who wants to create their very own surveys (questionnaires, polls, etc) can do so for free at SurveyRock! 

College woman celebrating her graduation

It doesn’t matter if you’re in grade school, high school, college or university,  just send an email to support@surveyrock from your school email account and we’ll get you set up with our Premium account.  We only request that you write something nice about us on your social network of choice. 🙂

With our Premium accounts you can create unlimited surveys, receive unlimited responses, see your survey results in real-time as they’re coming in, use survey logic and much more.  See our feature page for a full list.  Don’t worry if your audience doesn’t speak English.  You can create a survey in any language you want.  We have visitors from 200 countries using many different languages.


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