Online Survey Panels

One of the challenges involved in conducting an effective market research study is locating a random sample of respondents for your survey. When you need to test advertising effectiveness, conduct brand comparison research or evaluate website usability, online survey panels are a helpful tool in developing stronger business cases with the right data.


With online survey panel providers you can readily reach a sample audience providing you with deep insights and actionable data. Panel providers make it easy to create the customized research you need for testing new marketing campaigns on your precise target group or perfecting new product ideas with direct consumer responses.

Additional benefits of using online survey panels include:

  • Respondent Friendly – Participants have agreed to take surveys beforehand
  • Cost Inclusive – Incentive logistics are taken care of for you
  • Anonymity – You don’t have to identify your firm or client as the project sponsor

Whether your research project is to find out the nation’s opinion on an issue of public interest, market size and share estimation, channel effectiveness or even for a loyalty program design study, online survey panels enable you to effortlessly survey a representative sample of your target population. No matter how specific or how broad the profile of your target audience, online survey panel providers can help you quickly and affordably reach them so you can start getting the answers you need and that matter the most to your project.

If you are looking for online survey panel providers, Quirk’s and GreenBook each have directories that can help you find the right provider for your research project.


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