Digitize Your Surveys


Online surveys make data collection and analysis an easy and efficient process.

Advantages of online surveys over paper include:

Cost: Online surveys are less expensive than paper surveys – there are no paper, printing, postage, telephone or interviewer costs

Speed: Online surveys offer instantaneous distribution of your survey and the real-time accumulation and tabulation of results allows for immediate survey data analysis

Efficiency: Online surveys facilitate repeat deployments of the same survey at any time in the future – particularly useful for trend analysis

Anonymity: Online surveys can offer survey respondents complete anonymity thereby increasing the chances of getting honest and frank input from respondents.

More Thorough Responses: Online surveys can be taken where and when the respondent chooses, providing them the opportunity for a more considered reply

Use of Survey Logic: Online surveys allow Survey Logic to be used. This feature prevents confusion and annoyance, and also provides quicker progression through the survey

Randomization of Answers: Online surveys allow for randomized answer choices reducing order bias. When answers to a multiple-choice question are re-arranged randomly every time the question is accessed skewed results due to respondents always clicking the first choice are avoided

Environmentally Friendly: Online surveys are more eco-friendly than paper surveys since they do not use paper

With that being said, paper surveys still remain valuable and should not to be discounted. Online and offline methods of data collection can be combined if paper methods are necessary for some of the respondents. The data from those who can be reached only via mail, in person, or by telephone can be manually entered so that all your survey results are captured, reviewed, and analyzed together.


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