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There comes a point in the growth of every business where you can’t rely on “gut feelings” any more, you need actionable, highly reliable information to make profitable decisions and that’s where we come in.

At SurveyRock, we specialize in providing the online surveys you need to:

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  • Uncover the answers – find out what really motivates your respondents and what they consider important ... gather honest feedback and meaningful opinions that you can use to make the right decisions in the future.
  • Promote discussion – who knows you may find in your survey comments the inspiration for a future product update or maybe even an entirely new money-making product.
  • Make informed decisions – our surveys allow you to collect unbiased data that you can rely on to make the best decisions going forward.
  • Establish benchmarks – our surveys also allow you to create a snapshot of prospect/customer behaviors and ideas so that you can measure and compare results as you move forward.

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That’s right, we offer free sign up for unlimited surveys. Our FREE Basic Plan surveys include all of the following features:

  • 15 questions per survey
  • 125 responses per survey
  • Support for all languages
  • Choice of survey theme
  • Multiple question types
  • Distribute by web link
  • Real time reporting of survey results

We’re confident you won’t find a greater list of features for a free survey anywhere on the web!

Want even more features, like unlimited questions, unlimited responses, a response filter and survey logic, which will direct respondents to different pages depending on their previous answers?

Then you should consider our Premium Survey Plan which is available for a very low monthly fee. Learn More!

How Our Free Basic Plan Surveys Work …

It couldn’t be any easier to get started! Simply click on the Free Sign Up button below, create your free account by filling in four simple fields and you’ll be ready to start creating surveys.

And creating surveys is just as easy as signing up! Simply write your questions (in whatever language you choose), distribute your survey by web link and then watch the results in real time.

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There’s no faster way to get the vital information you need to grow your business. Take a look at what one of our clients has to say:

We’ve found SurveyRock to be a foundational component of our business. Not only do our surveys provide us with essential information that allows us to make informed business decisions but we’ve also found that our surveys can be a great marketing tool that gets prospects to raise their hands and show they are interested in our products. We then target these prospects with a special marketing campaign, which has resulted in even higher sales for our business. – Karl Simpson

Ready to Write Your Own Survey Success Story?

Sign up for a Free Account today. Remember, only SurveyRock offers FREE Surveys with:

  • Support for all languages
  • SurveyRock is currently in use in over 200 countries throughout the world. We have designed our surveys so that you can use any language you want in order for your customers to feel welcome. For example, we currently have surveys running in Arabic, Turkish, Macedonian, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Serbian, Spanish, Japanese, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Indonesian, Georgian, Mongolian, Albanian and Slovakian, among other languages. You can create your survey in whatever language you want!

  • Choice of survey theme
  • We currently offer several survey themes for you to choose – each with its own unique look and feel. From plain to colorful, you’ll find a theme to fit your survey … and we're adding more all the time. Our Premium plan customers can even create their own themes. Plus, you can click on the Preview button at anytime to see exactly how your survey will look to your customers!

  • Multiple question types
  • free online survey tool

    At the heart of any survey are the questions. To ensure you are able to get the answers you need, we offer a wide variety of question types including: multiple choice, text, numbers only, matrix and rating scale. You can also decide if you want each question to be mandatory or optional.

  • Distribute by web link
  • After you've created your survey, it's time to unleash it on the world (or at least a few of your friends). A couple of clicks it all it takes to create a unique web link that you can then send to your clients or customers by email, post it on Facebook or tweet it to all of your Twitter followers. You also have the option to add a start and end date to your survey and to limit the number of people who can respond.

  • Real time reporting of survey results
  • When people start filling out your new survey, you won't have to wait days or even hours to see the results. Our reporting page will immediately show you responses as they are submitted.

Get the Information You Need to Make Smarter,
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We’ve effectively eliminated the “it’s too expensive,” “it’s too complicated,” and “it will take too long to do” excuses for conducting surveys.

We understand the information needs and concerns of businesses today and have created a survey service that will enable you to get in touch with your best prospects and customers without breaking your budget or adding more to your already busy schedule.

It’s time you experienced the numerous benefits that come from conducting online surveys, benefits that include:

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  • Much less expensive than paper or phone surveys
  • Accurate data collection
  • Anonymity allows respondents to be more candid with answers
  • Plus, don’t forget surveys can be a valuable marketing tool, giving you valuable product feedback and new data for future products

Ready to start conducting your own free surveys? Simply click on the Free Sign Up button below.