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Essay on "Heartlessness"


What makes a person human? I think, first of all, the
presence of a soul. The soul is something invisible and intangible, the
presence of which we immediately feel in communication with each other. It is
expressed in kindness, sympathy for others, the ability to 
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to express our love



If a person is callous in communication, aggressive
and has no moral qualities, we often call him call callous. It seems that such
people do not understand and cannot understand things that others are
accustomed to. They do not know what compassion is, do not consider the opinion
of others, do not love or respect anyone but themselves. 



But why does this happen? Why do people become
soulless, or maybe they are born that way? These questions worry me a lot, but
I do not find an unambiguous answer.


Watching people, I often visit and see that after experiencing
pain, disappointment, and abuse, they themselves also harden. They take revenge
on everyone around them for their injuries, without trying to find the real
culprit. As a result, it is as if their soul gradually leaves them, leaving
behind only an external human shell, inside which lurks a dangerous, impulsive
animal part. 



It seems to me that the most vivid example of human
callousness is that of criminals who commit terrible acts and often feel no
remorse at all. But among ordinary people there are also many who lack the
capacity for empathy and any kind of conscience at all.


Meeting them always leaves a deep wound in my soul.
It's hard for me to understand why a person would do such a thing to others.
But fortunately, my close circle consists only of kind and responsive people,
who always support me, helping me to survive what happened, to forgive the
offender and not to waste their noble soul qualities.


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