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1. What library do you work for? If you don't work in a library, tell us what your relationship is to libraries.
2. Is your library using any of the following tools for patron privacy?
3. Besides the tools mentioned in the above multiple choice question, tell us about any initiatives at your library to protect patron privacy or educate patrons about privacy issues.
4. Have you or other staff at your library received any privacy training? Would you like to receive more privacy training?
5. Are there any privacy initiatives planned for the future, or still in the ideas phase? If so, what would you need to turn these plans into reality?
6. Would you ever install a Tor relay at your library?
7. Has Library Freedom Project influenced any of these privacy initiatives? If so, tell us how!
8. Can we share your survey results with other libraries?
9. Would you like to be connected to other libraries working on privacy issues? If so, please leave your contact information in this field.
10. Is there anything else you'd like to say about privacy in libraries, or any other way LFP can help you?
Thank you so much for taking Library Freedom Project's survey! Your feedback is immensely valuable to us!