Defining open-source interoperable product attribute attestation standards for global cross-border trade and ESG compliance.

Survey Introduction

Today's system of choice for sharing compliance-related product information consists of highly inefficient nonsystemic emails and attachments.

The OriginBX Oasis Open Project "ORBX" mission is to create a first-ever open-source global platform-agnostic API and message set containing product attribute data, including a bill of materials. The message set will streamline the exchange of product information required for the instantaneous determination and verification of a good's country of origin, HS code, export controls, and ESG claims.

We've created this survey to gain input from industry about the most critically important product attributes necessary to determine and verify global trade in goods and related ESG attestations. 

The survey is open to global trade import, export, product admissibility, and ESG compliance professionals with greater than three years of experience.

The first 25 qualified respondents will receive the following as our THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy work-life schedule to complete the survey:

  • $50 Visa Gift Card

Thanks for your interest and time in making global trade in goods and related ESG compliance more efficient.

Please answer the questions below and the OriginBX team will get back to you shortly and let you know if you are qualified to take the survey and receive the gift card!!

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