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1. Overall, how would you rate the employee?
For the following six questions, please rate the employee using the performance rating scale below: Outstanding: employee exceeds job requirements Excellent: employee meets and often exceeds job requirements Good: employee meets all job requirements Average: employee meets some job requirements Poor: employee does not meet minimum job requirements
2. Job Knowledge:
Understands job requirements and responsibilities
Possesses required skills and knowledge for the job
Keeps aware of current developments pertaining to the job
3. Planning and Problem Solving:
Works in an organized manner
Requires minimal supervision
Can identify problems
Reacts to problems in appropriate time
4. Productivity:
Achieves established goals
Can multi-task between several projects
Meets productivity standards
5. Communication Skills:
Articulates ideas effectively
Participates in meetings
Listens carefully
6. Team Work:
Is an effective team player
Offers assistance to team members
Works well with different personality types
Participates in team discussions
7. Management Skills:
Clearly identifies goals to all working in the managed area
Holds themselves accountable to goals and objectives
Reports success towards reaching goals to all in managed area
Demonstrates effective leadership talent and skills
Positively motivates others to achieve goals and gain skills
8. In your opinion, what are the main areas of improvement that the employee should concentrate on?
9. Is the employee better suited for a different position within the company?
10. If Yes, please specify job classification:
11. If Yes, please specify job function area:
12. Please add any comments regarding the employee being better suited for a different position within the company:
13. Please add any additional comments regarding the employee:
Thank you!