Blog Your Survey Results

September 8, 2015

Posting your survey results on your blog to share key insights with customers and employees is a great way to engage blog visitors in a discussion about your business and to encourage them to share your content. Sharing your survey data by publicizing survey results can also help you to develop a reputation in thought leadership for your industry.


SurveyRock online surveys offer a fast, easy way to create your survey and then share the results on your blog. Once you have created and deployed your survey, choose the questions from your survey that you think will spark the best discussion on your blog.

To help get you started, here are 5 ways to use survey results on your blog:

1. Share satisfaction metrics to let employees know they’re doing a good job and customers know they can rely on you

2. Post fun facts about your business or your customers – like their favorite thing they’ve ever done with your product

3. Let customers know which products or services are most popular

4. Share information about trends in your industry

5. Use responses to Text / Open-Ended questions to share why your customers love you – in their own words.

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